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    Edit (1:00pm EST - 4/18/2017): A post about OPPrison will be coming on tomorrow, disclosing server information and release dates.


    We have been doing a lot recently so I will inform you of all that I know.

    BreakingMC has been upgraded to a higher capacity Dedicated Server through our host, so we will be able to keep the server's up time at 100%, but this also has been a bit of trouble. Our Host had decided to take down our dedicated server because they saw a problem, but did not inform us. Took down the server to fix it but did not turn anything that we had running (Our Servers) back online.

    OPPrison is planning to release Saturday or Monday, depending on how much is completed and if the server is ready for players to play the gamemode properly and without bugs. I hope to have another post about OPPrison soon.

    We have been fixing bugs with OPFactions and I think we got mostly all the kinks out. We have released WorldEdit, and will hopefully be releasing more things to make the gamemode fun and to sell more things in our store for y'all to buy and to support the server.

    Known Issues:
    We have been tracking a major issue with our Lobby system of where players have been teleported to a bedrock box in the middle of no where without any way of leaving. If you are teleported to the bedrock box, you will be able to do /gserver bmc-(gamemode)-1 to go to the server of your choosing until we fix this issue.


    • New Dedicated Server, Sorry for downtime
    • OPPrison is coming soon!
    • OPFactions is being fixed and new features being added.
    • Lobby Glitch being looked into.
    Thanks for reading!
    - Jackson
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    Is OP prison out? I am on vacation and will be back soon!
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    what happening with OPprison

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