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    Jan 23, 2021
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    I used to play a lot of BMC, but the server died after I left for a while. I have noticed some issues with the skyblock, and want to share them here.

    A. Falling into the void kills you and you lose all of your items. I had just started out on the new skyblock and was bridging to the second island. I was about to make it when I ran out of materials. My computer lagged and I died. Now I have nothing. Instead you could teleport the player to their island spawn when they fall, this way they don't lose their stuff or get sent to spawn.

    B. Fall damage at spawn. You can jump off the trees or accidently fall on low health and die. This wouldn't be an issue if you didn't lose your items. Say you have a lot of expensive items, you go to spawn and lose all your stuff. Then you can't get them back because someone else took them. Disabling fall damage at spawn or giving everyone constant instant heal well at spawn could fix this problem.

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