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    We are so glad to see you guys once again. In this post, you'll learn about the newest details to the latest release of Skyblock here on BreakingMC. The gamemode has been entirely revamped with tons of new content which we are more than thrilled to announce.


    Release Date
    November 7th, 2020, 4pm Eastern Standard
    Check Here to see what time release is for you!

    What changes have been made?
    The changes that have been made primarily revolve around the way that the server works. The Skyblock core has been redone as well as additions to the gameplay itself.

    - Miner: Used for mining cobblestone generators and anything else ore related.
    - Slayer: Used for killing mobs at mob grinders.
    - Farmer: Used for large farms to harvest.
    - Lumberjack: Used for cutting trees.
    All items will be put into a chest of your choice.

    These will be available for purchase through the store.

    The crates have also been entirely redone. This means that there is new items as well as new percentages with the current crates.
    Two new crates have been added:
    - Legendary
    - Boss


    Custom Enchantments
    New enchantments will be available in game.
    To view these in game, type /ce

    Donors now have access to a GUI with a wide range of trails. Access depends on the donator rank.
    Check the store to see exactly what you'll have access to.

    Donor / Rank Changes
    Ranks have been redone.

    In order from top to bottom
    - Legend
    -Emperor: A completely new rank. Will be available for purchase.
    - Overlord
    If you currently have God, you'll have Overlord.

    Change Log
    - Vote Parties Revamped
    - Revamped Monthly Crate
    - New PvP Zones
    - Ability to Duel
    -In game Gambling (/Gamble)
    - Trench Pickaxes added
    -MCMMO Rewards
    - Larger hopper limits
    - TokenEnchant Revamp
    - Limited Edition G-Kit
    - New Tags
    -New Shop
    - Iron Golems no longer drop Roses
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