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    BreakingMC Rules

    In this thread, you will find the official rules of the BreakingMC Network. Global rules and server-specific rules will be clearly separated, as rules differ throughout the Network. If you are a player on our server, we expect you to follow these rules respect the system every second you are online. These rules are subject to change at management's discretion, so make sure to always check.

    The following items are allowed. Read further below as well because many of the allowed items have situations in which they are not allowed.

    • Modifications that do not give certain players an unfair advantage:
    This includes but is not limited to optifine, Better PvP mod, LabyMod, Cosmic Client, Keystrokes and HUD mods, etc. A full list of allowed clients will be made later on
    • Swearing:
    Swearing in public chat is allowed as long as it is not excessive or consistently directed at players.
    • Advertising your channel/stream only IF it is related to BMC:
    If your channel has a significant amount of BMC content, you are allowed to encourage people to watch it on BMC.
    • Schematica and Printer (Read below as well):
    Using schematica to print cannons and base art is allowed.
    • Alts and Console Clients:
    Alts and console clients for AFKing are permitted, with a limit of 15 alts per player that can be used regularly and be in one or more factions.

    The following items are all not allowed. If you are seen doing anything listed below, you will be punished with varying severity depending on the offense.

    -Global Rules-

    • Advertising and Links:
    Posting the IP to another server or encouraging people to join another server in chat or private message is bannable. Posting links to another server’s discord, IP grabbers, or hacked clients is also bannable.
    • Duplicating Items:
    Duplicating items is an instant ban if you are caught doing it outside of reporting a duplication glitch to a staff member. Any duped items that you find should immediately be destroyed.
    • Glitch Abuse:
    Abusing a glitch will most likely result in a ban.
    • Abusing Teleportation:
    Using any form of teleportation to glitch into an unauthorized

    • Hacked Clients and Other Illegal Modifications:
    Blatantly using any hacked client or modification that isn’t permitted on the server will result in an instant perm ban.
    • DDoS or Doxing:
    Whether you threaten to DDoS or Dox someone, or if you actually do, it is an instant perm ban. No exceptions.
    • Alting/Console Clients:
    If you exceed the alt limit of 15 accounts logged in, you will be given one warning before you are banned. Additionally, if you use alternate accounts as spambots (i.e. having multiple accounts type the same command or message in chat at the same time) you and all of your accounts will be immediately perm banned.
    Alts that lag the server or disrupt other player's game play may be banned without notice.
    If you are going to use a console client to AFK your account/s, you need to make sure to only execute only 1 command every 15 minutes.
    • Refusing to screenshare
    Refusing to screenshare, which also includes stalling for up to 30 minutes after being asked by a staff member to screenshare, or logging out before a screenshare can be completed, results in a perm ban.
    • Ban Evasion:
    Ban evading on an alternate account results in being temp banned for the remaining ban time on your other account, or a perm ban if your other account is perm banned.
    • Schematica and World Downloading:
    While printing is allowed, world downloading or using schematica to download bases or other builds on the server results in a ban.
    • Admitting to Hacks or Glitching:
    Admitting to using a hacked client results in a 2 week ban, while admitting to abusing a glitch results in ½ ban time for the glitch that was abused.
    • Kill Farming for Stats/McMMO:
    Using an alt or another player to farm kills will result in a ban. AFK Mining/Shifting/Jumping: Using a client or any external modification to perform a task while you’re afk will result in a kick, and if you are caught doing it again it will be an instant temp ban.
    • Macros:
    Text and command macros are both strictly not allowed. Being caught using either form of macro will result in a ban.

    • IRL Scamming & IRL Deals:
    If two players plan a trade which includes something IRL, such as real money, and one player fails to follow through on their part of the deal and scams the other person, it results in a perm ban.
    IRL Deals that do not involve the BMC store are not permitted.
    • Causing server lag:
    If you find something that causes the server to lag or significantly drops a player’s FPS, you are allowed to show a staff member so it can be reported. If you are caught using something to lag the server or another player in any other situation, it will result in a ban.
    • Misuse of /helpop:
    Using /helpop for spam or any other reason but to ask a Staff member for help is punishable.

    -Global Chat Rules-
    Note: All global chat rules also apply to faction chat, party chat, and private messages.
    • Spam and Character Spam:
    Spam is considered more than 4 consecutive messages in rapid succession. That said, repeatedly asking for items or ranks is also considered spam. Character spam is considered using the same character or sequence of characters excessively.
    • Overuse of Caps:
    Excessive use of caps is considered mutable if 4 or more words consecutive words are typed in caps, or 4 or more words typed in caps in a single message.
    • Staff Impersonation:
    Staff impersonation is mutable if you are trying to act like a staff member and are telling other players that you are a staff member, or /nicking yourself to have a name similar to a staff member’s.

    • Player Impersonation:
    Impersonating another player is mutable, this includes /nicking yourself to match someone else's nickname and/or IGN and acting like you're someone else.

    • Speaking in any language other than English:
    Speaking in a foreign language is punishable.
    • Staff Disrespect:
    If you are being disrespectful towards a staff member, they are completely allowed to mute you with no warnings.
    • Command Spam:
    Command spam is bannable if it causes spam in another player’s chat. For example, spamming /pay or /afk would be bannable.
    • Racism:
    While some racism is not punishable, excessive racism and racial slurs are mutable with no warnings.
    • Homophobia:
    Homophobia of any kind, including making fun of people for being gay or using slurs in chat is punishable without warning.
    • Toxicity/Harassment: Toxicity encompasses multiple other subjects that are mutable. These are but are not limited to:
    1. Excessive harassment/hostility/disrespect towards other players
    2. Arguing with players in chat
    3. Arguing with staff members in chat
    4. Excessive swearing
    5. Talking about inappropriate topics excessively (sexual activity, drugs, other illegal activities, etc.)
    6. Death threats
    -Factions Specific Rules-
    • TP Glitching:
    TP glitching into another player’s base results in an instant temp ban, and the base will be rolled back and your sethomes will be deleted.
    • Setting a home at or near KoTH:
    If you set a home at or near KoTH it will result in a temp ban, and if you do not remove the home it will result in a longer temp ban and the home will be removed by staff.
    • Cegg Glitching:
    Cegg glitching is spawning a creeper inside a block in order to blow it up when it’s covered in water. Doing so results in a temp ban, the base will be rolled back and your sethomes will be deleted
    • Cannons
    Something people ask a lot is if we ban specific cannons the short answer is no. Any cannons that you can get to work are allowed, except for auto cannons. You have to manually shoot the cannon yourself each time.
    • Regens (7/25/2020)
    Regens on bases will not be allowed this rule was added 7/25!
    -OPPrison Specific Rules-
    • Speed PvP:
    Using custom enchants to PvP with extra speed will result in an instant temp ban.
    • TP Killing:
    Teleporting to a player or having a player teleport to you and immediately killing them.

    -Skyblock Specific Rules-
    • Island Trapping/Killing:
    TP trapping and/or killing or island warp trapping and/or killing is bannable.
    • Griefing:
    Taking a player's items without permission of the owner, removing blocks, or damaging a build is bannable.
    • In-Game Scamming:
    If two players plan a trade and one player fails to follow through on the deal, regardless of whether the deal includes irl items or money, the player will receive a temp ban.

    -Survival Specific Rules-
    • Griefing:
    Griefing is when you either remove someone's spawners (aka "stealing") or doing anything to manipulate another players land this will result in a 2 day tempban off the BreakingMC Network

    That's it for the In-game rules, please follow these rules and have fun on BreakingMC!
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