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    We've noticed lots of complaints from our players about the lack of updates and new seasons, and I wanted to make this post to address that and tell you what we've been working on!
    These past few months have been rough for BMC due to staff changes and inactivity, but we're back stronger than ever.

    We're aware and looking into the lag on Skyblock and Survival, and are working on fixing those along with any bug that's reported to us as soon as we possibly can, the lag issue has been one of our priorities, and soon it'll be back to normal.

    I've hired new staff to our team to make the server more playable and enjoyable for you, expect to see lots of new faces on our team, and give them a warm welcome!
    I am looking into staff applications daily since it's only me reviewing them please be patient and I'll get to your application as soon as I can!

    As you already know, we have dropped our new May crate, with a new kit, new spawners, and we've also increased the amount of money you can get!

    Overall, we are working our hardest to drop new content and updates as fast as we can and make BMC as great and enjoyable as ever, new exciting content is coming very soon.
    In fact, there will be a thrilling post coming out on Saturday the 2th, 3 PM ET, don't forget to tune in for it!

    In the end, our ultimate goal is to create a better BMC and make sure everyone is happy.
    Thank you for reading and for your constant support.

    BMC #1

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