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Do you want the PuffPuff Team to come back?

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    Dec 15, 2018
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    It started out with me being 11 or 12 can't remember. In 2015 I started playing BreakingMC as an old friend recommended it to me. This suggestion allowed me to have a great enjoyable 4 years but I soon found Minecraft didn't fulfil my needs in terms of gaming in and among itself. I stopped playing BMC in mid January with our faction PuffPuff winning the F-Top for the final time. Carti, Loka, Minesome, Valp, Form and I took the server by storm, but our riches lasted very little. Us as a team soon stopped playing because the was very little competition and where some bugs that would not allow us to play in terms of TNT mechanics. BMC is not a 20player server but a 600 player server now.

    Fast-forwarding 6months I think its time for my return. I've been looking for something to play as I now have a little more time on my hands.Personally I just wanted to know from the community if they wanted to see the return of not just one OG but the whole PuffPuff team. Some of our players will not be able to play as they are now serious staff within the server.
    I hope I can get your guy's input and opinion on this matter a wonder if you would look forward to a new old competitor coming back.
    Fair well my fellow faction members

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