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    While pushing more and more updates for OPFactions, we have noticed that there is not much variety in our gameplay here at BreakingMC. In order to combat this issue, we have decided to release a new gamemode! Here are some of the things we are introducing this patch.

    OPFactions update information:
    - adding rename to donors
    - adding MCMMO
    - September crate will be released tonight (8/31/18) @ 12:00am ET

    Here is the information you will need to know about the OPPrison Release.

    Release date: Saturday the 1st of September @ 2:00pm ET - 11:00am PT Countdown

    We are excited to finally release a OPPrison for you guys!! Here are some of the things you might need to know.

    Will I get my rank that I bought on OPPrison?
    Yes we will return any rank you purchased!

    Top 4 Voters on OPFactions and OPPrison will be rewarded each month

    Finally some features we will be adding to BreakingMC OPPrison (more will be added)
    - MineBombs!
    - September crate will be added on release!

    Hope you guys are excited as I am for the new OPPrison server!

    - BreakingMC Management
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