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    As 2017 rolls around, we’re excited to announce the release of OPFactions v4.

    Some major features that are being added include

    • Spawner prices are being reduced majorly,

    • We’re adding tags to crates; on top of adding more tags on their own.

    • We’re also adding armor to crates, as well as a whole new “PvP crate”

    • Adding new features to token enchant as well as altering the limits

    • PvP was modified, and you can now hit faster
    And for the fourth try, hopefully. we’ve balanced out the economy.

    Website Updates:

    As you can see, we upgraded the website to a cleaner and more customized design; because of the switch to Xenforo, all users must sign up and make a new account. We will be adding more features as soon as possible. If you had other posts on the previous website, you will need to create it again if the need is felt. All staff applications are gone too.

    With this being said, the release date for OPFactions v4 is December 26th

    3pm PST

    6pm EST

    5pm CT

    Kind regards, Kayle
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