IMPORTANT Introducing Factions "Harmony"!

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    Introducing Factions "Harmony"!

    May 9th, 4PM ET.
    Click here to check what time the release will be for you!

    General Information
    Information about the worlds
    Overworld: 10,000 x 10,000
    End: 3,000 x 3,000
    Mars: 3,000 x 3,000
    Pluto: 3,000 x 3,000


    Grace Period
    There will be a six day grace period, starting on the 9th of May and ending on the 15th of May.
    Explosions of any kind will be disabled, e.g. TNT and Creepers.
    Bitch claims/insiding during grace period is not allowed.
    During the first hour of the map /fly and /wild will be disabled to give everyone an even chance.


    Factions Information
    Everything you need to know about this season.
    Chunk Claims: 20x20 only.
    Players per faction: 25 only.
    Default player power:10 only.


    Current season End of the World and information about payouts
    The EOTW 8th of May, 6PM ET.
    Click here to check what time the EOTW will be for you!
    We won't be giving out payouts due to duping that happened this season.


    New features and updates
    Improvements that have been implemented to this season.
    New spawn.
    New End and Mars spawns.
    New world "Pluto".
    Revamped Envoys.
    Revamped KoTHs.
    Revamped Key crates.
    Revamped Monthly crates.
    All four KoTHs will be working on launch and have scheduled times.
    New commands; "/factions missions", "/factions shop", "/factions upgrades", "/factions chest", "/factions strikes", and "/factions points".
    New item "Chunk Collector".
    Added tiered sell wands.


    More information on improvements
    Information on the new commands and items we added that we believe will better game play.

    1) Chunk Collectors
    Introducing Chunk Collectors!
    Chunk Collectors allow you to sell mob drops easily.
    You can right click the Chunk collector to get a menu of mobs and sell the drops individually, or right click it with a sell wand to sell all mob drops.
    Chunk Collectors can be bought from the store, or can be obtained from monthly crates, and there will be a small chance of winning them by opening higher key crates (Legendary and OP crates).


    2) Faction Missions & Faction Shop
    By typing /f missions, you will get a wide range of missions that you can complete to gain points as a reward.
    Points can be used in /f shop to buy unique items that can only be found on the factions shop.



    3) Faction Upgrades
    By typing /f upgrades, you'll be shown a variety of upgrades for your faction which can be bought with
    in-game money.


    4) Faction Strikes
    /f strikes is used by staff to strike factions who break rules.
    1st strike: warning
    2nd strike: 25% value deduction
    3rd strike: 40% value deduction
    4th strike and above: 5% value deduction for every strike from 4+

    5) Faction Chest
    By typing /f chest, you can access your faction chest, default number of rows is 1 for everyone, but this can be increased in /f upgrades.

    6) Tiered wands

    Tier 1 sell wand (500 uses)

    Tier 2 sell wand (1000 uses)

    Tier 3 sell wand (2500 uses)


    Tier 4 sell wand (5000 uses)

    Tier 5 sell wand (unlimited uses)

    Tier 6 sell wand (unlimited uses + 1.5 multiplier)

    Normal VS 1.5 multiplier example:
    A stack of Iron ingots sold with a normal sell wand gives you $100.
    A stack of Iron ingots sold with a tier 6 sell wand gives you $150.


    Previous purchases
    Donor ranks, purchased sell wands, purchased trench pickaxes, purchased GKits, faction power, purchased commands, purchased McMMO will be kept. Anything other than these items will be wiped and you will not receive compensation for it.

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