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    Hello everyone, we announced a OPFactions reset today and we have some other things down line regarding the rest of the network over the past few months I have been collecting any suggestions and feedback for each server and here is a list of updates!

    - Prison:
    - Crates will be revamped entirely
    - Kits will be updated Entirely (Adding or removing from OP Kits)
    - Plot limits will be updated for normal users
    - Chance of winning ranks through Voting/Donor Crates and Monthly Crates will be implemented
    - Improvement on mine selling
    - Shop
    - Survival:
    - Plans on fixing claiming and bought claims
    - Plans on fixing the "chunk" not loading errors
    - Ranks will have more permissions and plans on adding in-game Achievable ranks with special perks
    - Crates will be revamped
    - Addition of a resource world (higher spawns of each ore)
    - Addition of Hologram for baltop Members
    - Skyblock:
    - Crates will be entirely revamped
    - Mine alterations (Tweaking contents of said mine)
    - Will update sell wands
    - PVP mechanics will be set back to 1.8
    - Spawner shop prices / Item shop prices will be tweaked
    - Addition of Hologram for IS top members, And baltop Members
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