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    BreakingMC Factions “Iris”

    Has Arrived!

    FTop Rewards (Current Season)
    FTop rewards for the top factions of the current season will be decided and given out to the leaders of the top three factions at 3PM EST on Friday.

    FTop #1 - $125 Buycraft

    FTop #2 - $75 Buycraft

    FTop #3 - $50 Buycraft

    Now onto the reset..


    The end of the current season will be ending on Friday at 5 PM EST. For the hour leading up to end of the season, spawn protection will be removed and everyone is free to blow it up.

    After 5 PM, the server will be taken offline while the new factions reset is put into place and given a final test. The new factions server will be released at 3 PM EST. Click here to see what time it will be in your timezone!

    What You Will Keep After Reset

    Donor ranks
    Purchased sell wands
    Purchased trench pickaxes
    Purchased GKits
    Half of your purchased faction power
    Purchased commands
    Purchased McMMO

    Everything else will be reset and no other packages that you bought from the store will be returned after the reset, including money, money pouches, spawners, etc.

    The server will have a grace period at the start of the map until Thursday (3/7/2019), during which time all explosions will be disabled.

    New Features for This Season:

    New Blizzard World and Trench Shovels



    The Blizzard world is all new for this season and is serving as the replacement for the Mars world. Unlike the Mars world, the Blizzard world will be composed entirely of snow blocks which can be mined out quickly using the all new trench shovel. Trench shovels will be made available on the updated Buycraft store soon.

    New KoTHs and KoTH Loot



    KoTHs are all new for this season, with 100% new rewards from the KoTH crates (as shown above) to make KoTHs more rewarding and competitive.

    Revamped Kits, GKits, and Crates


    All donor rank kits have been completely redone for this season to prevent the highest donors from immediately having the best gear. GKits have been set up to be stronger than any regular kits, having the maximum vanilla enchantment levels applied while still leaving room to add on custom enchantments.

    Loot in all cratekey crates and envoy crates has been completely redone to encourage more players to go out and attend envoys and KoTHs, vote more frequently, and buy more keys from the store.

    TnTfill and Sandfill


    /tntfill has been updated for this season for increased radius, making filling cannons much easier.

    More importantly, /sandfill has been added and works the same way as /tntfill, but for filling dispensers with sand, making sandstackers and hybrid cannons more compact.

    Both commands now work with the shop, so they will automatically buy TNT or sand to put in dispensers so you don’t have to manually buy it before using the commands.

    All New Shop and Economy


    The BreakingMC server shop prices and shop GUI have been completely redone for the new season. The prices have been set around a more balanced economy that lets players rely more on farming to make money, while spawners are more secondary. Spawners prices are much higher than previously, and hoppers are far more expensive and rare.

    New Player Head Bounty and Mob Head Selling Plugin


    All new for this season, players and mobs now drop their heads at varying rates when killed. All mob heads have their own set values and can be used to gain some extra money when you’re first starting out.

    The more lucrative aspect of this feature is that player heads now drop and have value. Player heads only drop when a player has been directly killed by another player, not if a player has died from other causes. When a player dies and their head drops, they lose 5% of their balance and that becomes the value of the head that has been left where they died. Other players can take their head and keep it as a trophy or sell it using the command /sellhead

    The /bounty command has also been redone to work with player heads. Players can put bounties on one another just as before, but now the bounty value will be added onto the normal head value of a player if they are killed. For example, if a player has a $100,000 balance and a $5,000 bounty, their head will be worth $10,000 when they are killed.

    Stacked Spawners


    Spawners now automatically stack up to 50 if placed within a 1 block radius to reduce lag. Their spawn rate is the same as normal, but when they spawn mobs they create the proper number of mobs for the number of spawners that are stacked.

    If broken by an explosion, the entire spawner stack drops, rather than just 1 spawner.

    Gameplay Fixes/Tweaks

    There is now a maximum of 3,000 faction power per faction. Any additional faction power that players have will not be counted towards their faction’s power is already 3,000

    There is now a maximum claim buffer of 20 chunks from the outer wall of a faction’s base.

    Custom enchantments have been slightly debuffed, but many previously removed enchantments have been re-added and debuffed from their original power, including valor and rage.

    PvP mechanics are completely redone to be reminiscent of servers from 1.7. This means knockback is fixed and hit delay is set to normal.

    Creeper spawn eggs have been entirely removed from the shop. They are present in higher numbers and frequency in almost all tiers of crates.

    Villager spawners have been removed from the shop and are now only obtainable through crates and the server store, but the sell price for emeralds is proportionally much higher than in previous seasons.

    Players can no longer teleport into the territory of other factions to prevent teleport glitching and continued raiding from a single sethome inside a base.

    Stacked mobs have been reduced to 100 per stack.

    At the time of reset, creeper egg glitching will be no longer prohibited for the foreseeable future. If this rule change proves to cause too many problems, it may be reverted.
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