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    Introducing Factions "Demonic"

    August 10th, 4 PM ET.
    Click here to check what time the release will be for you!

    General Information
    Information about the worlds

    Overworld: 10,000 x 10,000
    End: 3,000 x 3,000
    Mars: 3,000 x 3,000


    Grace Period
    We will have a six day grace period, starting on the 10th of August and ending on the 16th of August, 3PM ET.

    Explosions of any kind will be disabled, e.g. TNT and Creepers.
    Bitch claims/insiding during grace period is not allowed.
    During the first hour of the map /fly and /wild will be disabled to give everyone an even chance.


    Factions Information
    Everything you need to know about this season.

    Chunk Claims: 20x20 only.
    Players per faction: 25 only.
    Default player power: 10 only.


    Current season End of the World and payouts
    The EOTW and payouts will be happening on the 9th of August, 5 PM ET.
    Click here to check what time the EOTW and payouts will be for you!

    1. $125 (BuyCraft)
    2. $75 (BuyCraft)
    3. $50 (BuyCraft)

    Note: the rewards are in USD.


    New features and updates
    Improvements have been implemented to this season.

    New spawn.
    New KoTHs.
    New End and Mars spawns.
    Sell Chests have been added.
    PotPvP has been added to the duels section.
    Monthly crates have been updated.
    KoTH loot has been upgraded.
    Spawner economy has been updated.
    Envoys have been buffed, and are now spread more evenly instead of hourly.
    Limits have been set to Player Vaults.
    All four KoTHs will be working on launch and have scheduled times.


    Sell Chests

    Introducing Sell chests!
    What do they do?
    Sell chests allow you to sell anything you place in it instantly!

    Previous purchases
    Donor ranks, purchased sell wands, purchased trench pickaxes, purchased GKits, faction power, purchased commands, purchased McMMO will be kept. Anything other than these items will be wiped and you will not receive compensation for it.
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