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    BreakingMC Discord Rules


    In this thread, you will find the official rules of the BreakingMC Discord Server. If you are a member on our discord server, we expect you to follow these rules and respect the system every second you are online. Failure to adhere to these rules may result in punishments, whether it be in a form of a kick, mute, or ban. These rules are subject to change at management's discretion, so make sure to always check.

    The following items are all not allowed. If you are seen doing anything listed below, you will be punished with varying severity depending on the offense.

    Advertising and Malicious Links:

    Advertising any other discord server will result in a ban, whether you do it in global chat or spam random members of the BreakingMC discord with links.
    The same goes for posting malicious links (i.e. IP grabbers).

    DDoS or Doxing:
    Whether you threaten to DDoS or Dox someone, or if you actually do, it is an instant perm ban. We take such threats very seriously so there will not be any exceptions to this rule.

    Spam and Character Spam:
    Spam is considered more than 4 consecutive messages in rapid succession.
    Character spam is considered using the same character or sequence of characters excessively.

    Staff Impersonation:
    Staff impersonation is not tolerated, as in trying to act like a staff member and telling other players that you are a staff member, or nicking yourself to have a name similar to a staff member’s.

    Staff disrespect or not complying with Staff members:
    If you are being disrespectful towards a staff member, or you are not complying with them, you will be punished.

    Racism and Homophobia:
    Excessive racism, racial slurs, and homophobia is not tolerated,
    If you are found to be blatantly racist or homophobic you will be punished.

    Toxicity encompasses multiple other subjects that are punishable. These are but are not limited to:
    • Excessive harassment or disrespect towards other players and staff members.​
    • Continuously arguing with players and staff members.​
    • Excessive swearing.​
    • Talking about inappropriate topics excessively (sexual activity, drugs, other illegal activities, etc.)​
    • Death threats, encouraging suicide, encouraging self harm, etc.​

    That's it for the Discord rules, please follow these rules and have fun on the BreakingMC Discord!
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