BreakingMC - Massive Update [11/2/16]

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    As you all know BreakingMC's productivity and player counts, have been very low for the month of October, and we are going to switch that up here in November with some massive updates. So let's get started.

    OPFactions v4:

    So, yes we are going to work on resetting OPFactions. We took what you all suggested from v1-v3 and improved. We're hoping this will be one of the best opfactions servers we've produced. As said before we did, in fact, listen to the community for this opfactions reset. Some of the things that will happen; the reduction of levels on any item, we did not see it fit to have protection 50+ on the server, next, is the economy. We will be fixing that as much as possible for this reset. A date will be followed later since we are still figuring out when we should release this new server.

    Skyblock v2 Update:

    As you all know, we recently launched skyblock, and it was our first skyblock server! We'll be making corrections to this making skyblock a more enjoyable and playable server entirely. We plan to do this because we want to refine what we have now; Skyblock is still in v1, and we want to make it as best as possible for a player experience. Skyblock v2 you won't lose anything you currently have. We will just do a massive bug sweep and fix to make sure all of the things that discourage you from playing are corrected and adjusted, so you have the best possible time.


    A while back, I made a post regarding this. The BreakingMC Management at this period is coming up with things to add if you are using squidhq more will be displayed about this.

    Hub Update:

    When all these network updates happen we will be switching to a new hub :) Hopefully, you'll guys love to see that :) we will also be adding gadgets and things to mess around with in the lobby!

    Host change?!:

    As of a while back, we moved off of OVH's network, and we are now back on proxypipe you guys should have noticed the difference, and we are continuing to make sure we can give you all the best gameplay and lag free servers.

    That concludes this post, Thank you all for reading.

    Kenny - BreakingMC Owner
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